At Pixocasso we pride ourselves in providing exceptional quality. We want our art to inspire you today and we want you to be proud to show of your art collection for many years to come.

Some large department stores offer canvas art but often by the time they arrive to the store, they have already started showing signs of degredation, such as stretcher bar lines, canvas cracking and a loose cavas stretch.


These are mass produced art pieces that are nice to look at, but can be found in many homes and are meant to last only a few months to a couple of years. Afterall, their goal is not to provide quality and unique art but profit with quick turn around times.


Who cares about Quality?


We do, and this is why ...


  1. Each art piece, from our gallary or your Photo 2 Canvas selection, is protected with laminate.

Many art companies choose not to take this crucial step to save money or choose to charge extra. We believe that it is as

optional as painting a car.

We use a high quality ClearShield matte laminate, generaously applied with no additional cost.


The laminate provides:

  • Protection from minor scatches, bumps etc.
  • Protection from water, dust, fingerprints
  • Protection from UV light (up to 200 years)
  • Anti-fading protection
  • Visibly enhances print colour
  • Allows you to clean with water and soap


The image to the left shows how different a canvas print can appear without proper lamination. As you can see the colour of the print is visibily enchanced, fade resistant and protected from any airborne contaminates. Quality makes a difference!

  1. Each art piece is framed with highest quality stretcher bars
    Stretcher bars can make or break a painting. No matter how beautiful the paining, a bad stretcher bar can ruin it in a few short months.

Most art companies choose low-quality lumber and straight-cut strecher bars. These types of frames are about 50% cheaper, but are meant to last only a few months. They will start twisting, and show a visible line impression on the canvas painting.




We choose thick (1.5 inch) high-quality stretcher bars.



We use kiln-dried fir wood, for resistance to warping and twisting.

        • Your canvas will be stretched to perfection for many years.





We use strecher bars with rounded edges to eliminate canvas line impressions.
    • Once a canvas line forms due to bad stretcher bars, it is permanent.


We use cross bars when needed, while others don't.

    • For larger paintings, we continue to choose quality over cost. Cross bars provide stability and reduce twisting. It is highly recommended for larger paintings, yet many companies choose to omit this crucial step.



Here are some tips to watch for when purchasing canvas products!




Poor quality non rounded stretcher bars often cause visible cracking along the image edges which completely ruin your art after short period of time.




Poorly folded canvas corners often crack very easily on cheaper canvas material and on unlaminated prints.




All our products are use high quality stretcher bars, 20mil canvas media, professionally strecthed, properly folded, and inspected one last time prior to dispatching.



All our products are ready to hang so all you have to do is enjoy your masterpiece!


  1. We use state of the art printers with the highest quality inks


The Epson Stylus Pro 11880 represents the ultimate expression of Epson Stylus Pro printer engineering. It incorporates MicroPiezo® TFP™ print head technology, real-time automatic switching between Matte and Photo Black inks, automatic nozzle verification and cleaning, and more. The

result is the world’s most advanced 64-inch wide, photographic printer. It truly lives up to its name!


High quality Epson inks for brilliant and vibrant colours
We use 8-colour pigment-based ink system for extremely wide industy-leading colour gamut. That means, beautiful and brilliant colours as vivid as real life.

Long-lasting prints
Many companies use cheap, imitation inks to save money. We use only Epson inks. They are much more expensive, but they will last up to 92 years, while third party inks printed on the same paper are projected to last no more than 1 year.
Epson inks are tested for quality by the Wilhelm Imaging Research,Inc. and concluded that they produce superior image quality,longer print life, greater reliability and unbeatable value versus third party inks.

Superior scratch resistant inks
3-level black ink technology - for perfect blacks, elimanting bronzing


  1. We choose high quality canvas material
    There is a wide range of canvas offerings, from cheap, lightweight, inferior polyester material, to heavyweight, cotton/poly, acid-free and bright white material. As you can imagine the price difference can be double. 

Our high quality canvas is ...

  1. Free Digital Proof
    When you order any Photo2Canvas product you have the option of receiving a free digital proof so you know exactly what to expect when you get your canvas. Click to see an

    digital proof.
  2. Protective Packaging and Shipping
    We want you to receive the high-quality art in the same ideal condition as when it left our office.
    Prior to shipping we individually inspect each canvas before it leaves the building for quality assurance.
    We protect the painting with bubble wrap and a perfect-fit box to minimize shifting and scratching.
  3. Peace of Mind Guarantee
    Last but not least, if by any chance you do not like what you received, we will take it back - no questions asked.
    Refer to our section which outlines the return policy in detail.